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ABOUT the survey

The Boland Survey is the only comprehensive source of nonprofit sector compensation data in Canada. Survey data will help your nonprofit make informed comparisons and predictions on salary and human resource practices – including flex time, on-boarding, paid time off, professional development practices, employee recognition, and recruitment practices. Any registered charity or nonprofit organization that has employees in Canada is eligible to participate in the Boland Survey.

The 2019 boland survey is open!

The 2019 Boland Survey has launched on a completely new, more accessible platform. We've listened to your concerns over the past three years and have worked hard to incorporate this feedback into the new platform. We are excited to to announce the opening of the 2019 survey! Organizations that register for and complete the 2019 survey by August 31 are eligible to receive the 2018 regional report at no cost.

annual subscription rates

The new platform is based on an annual subscription, so you can access data year-round and when you need it most. Annual subscriptions, purchased when you register, are based on the number of full-time employees at your organization. Boland Survey annual subscribers can also look forward to starting next year’s survey with your 2019 data already populated – you will only need to review, edit (if required), and confirm your information. 


Image: 2019 Boland Survey annual subscription rates, based on organization staff size.


2019 Survey GUIDE & FAQS

User Guide: Registration & Submission

This guide explains how to register for the survey and enter and submit organization data. A separate user guide to assist with using the new interactive reporting system will be made available in Fall 2019, with the release of the new reporting feature.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about the new survey platform? Our FAQs can help! Please click the button below to search common Boland Survey questions.

2018 reports

Organizations that register for and complete the 2019 survey by August 31 are eligible to receive the 2018 regional report at no cost.

A custom cut and analysis of the 2018 data is available, created based on the unique needs of your organization. All custom cuts and analyses are subject to our data confidentiality policies. Custom cuts include annual and salary tables for one or more positions from a sample based on a specific list of organizations according to region, subsector, organization size, etc. Custom cuts range in price from $150 - $450, based on the data required for the custom report. To purchase a report or custom cut, please contact us (see below).

What value does the data provide?

Nonprofit organizations use Survey reports for developing an overall compensation philosophy, hiring for a new or existing position, or as a benchmark for salary bands. The Boland Survey is the only survey for the Canadian nonprofit sector that reports both annual salaries and equivalent hourly rates. Data on contractor rates is also collected and shared when available. Data is available for positions in the following categories:

  • Executive Managers

  • Finance and Accounting

  • Human Resources and Volunteer Management

  • Marketing and Communications

  • Function or Program Managers

  • International Programs

  • Fund Development – Grantmaking

  • Program Management and Administration

  • Human Services Specialists, Counsellors, and Health Care Providers

  • General Administration

  • Records Management and Information Technology

  • Property Management and Maintenance


Sample reports

Below are links to sample reports, with full tables of contents as a preview. To view the most recent report for your region, click below.

contact us

For assistance with registration, survey participation, purchasing reports, and custom cuts and analysis, please contact Tracey Braun at or (403) 910-5872. For custom cut and analysis requests, please include the job position code in your email.


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