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Alberta's nonprofit sector is diverse, both in terms of the size of organizations, and in areas of work. However, regardless of whether your organization is 100% volunteer-driven or has hundreds of staff; whether you are mandated to protect our environment or address poverty; we are all affected by common issues. CCVO's sector-specific research helps to identify, track, and map cross-cutting issues that affect nonprofits across Alberta, and to better support your policy work. View or download our research and publications below.

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The State of the Alberta Nonprofit Sector report

CCVO relies on the Alberta Nonprofit Survey, initiated in 2009, to provide an annual snapshot of the health and experience of Alberta's nonprofits to capture information on finances, demand for programs and services, staffing, and the future economic outlook of organizations. The survey is the only source of Alberta-specific research that provides insights into our province's nonprofit sector and - beginning in 2018 - is summarized in the State of the Alberta Nonprofit Sector report.

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