Frequently Asked Questions

The 2019 Boland Survey has launched on a completely new, more intuitive platform. We've listened to your concerns over the past three years and have worked hard to incorporate this feedback into the new platform. And with this new platform comes new questions! We hope the FAQs below will answer your questions. If you need further help with the Boland Survey, please contact

Do I need to register if i participated last year?

Yes. We’ve launched a new platform, which means user IDs and passwords from the previous platform will no longer work. However, as long as your subscription remains active on the new platform, you won’t have to re-register next year.

is payment due at registration?

Yes. Based on user feedback, we learned that there were many delays in the previous platform when trying to access reported information. Integrating payment into the registration process allowed us to reduce these delays and give you access immediately.

What is the price and benefits of an annual subscription?

The new platform is based on an annual subscription, so you can access data year-round through the new reporting feature *coming soon* and when you need it most. Annual subscriptions, purchased when you register, are based on the number of full-time equivalent (FTE) employees at your organization. Boland Survey annual subscribers can also look forward to starting next year’s survey with your 2019 data already populated – you will only need to review, edit (if required), and confirm your information. 


Image: 2019 Boland Survey annual subscription rates, based on organization staff size (FTE).


Do I need to sign up for a paypal account?

Yes. The Boland Survey has moved to a subscription-based model which means you can renew your access annually and start the survey with all your organization’s data intact. Having a PayPal account ensures you will receive that access. Your organization will never be charged without confirmation that you wish to continue your subscription.

CAn i pay by credit card over the phone?

To protect your financial information, CCVO no longer accepts payments over the phone. All payments are now processed online by PayPal for increased security. PayPal transactions are secured and accounted for, and your credit card information is no longer recorded at CCVO.

CAn i pay by cheque?

CCVO is able to invoice your organization upon request, but access to the survey will be delayed until your payment has been received and processed by our office. If you would like to request an invoice, please contact with your organization’s name, address, and the corresponding rate from the chart above.

is there a survey deadline?

No. The Boland Survey is now accessible year round, but we encourage organizations to submit their data by August 31, 2019 to contribute to the growing database. A larger database creates more accurate reports, and will allow earlier access to the new interactive reporting system in Fall 2019.

How can i access the 2018 report for my region?

After your data has been submitted and verified in the new survey platform, you will receive a link to download the report. Be sure to enter your data by August 31, 2018 to access the report.

How do I access a previous report that I have already purchased?

Please contact with your organization name and we will send you the appropriate link.


For assistance with registration, survey participation, purchasing reports, and custom cuts and analysis, please contact Tracey Braun at or (403) 910-5872. For custom cut and analysis requests, please include the job position code in your email.