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HR in a Box 2017-18 Workshops

Changing demographics and change management – Sept. 13


CCVO 2016-17 Annual General Meeting

Monday, September 18, 4-6 pm


Stories of risk and reward

Congratulations to this year’s innovation award recipients!

Further Magazine

Innovation Awards/Further Magazine

Stories from Calgary’s nonprofit sector.

Government Relations

Whether you are a seasoned policy wonk or new to advocacy, we have the resource for you!

Alberta Nonprofit Survey

Read the full report to get our sense-making on the health and experience of Alberta’s nonprofit sector.

Data Portal

Filter and compare data from CCVO’s Alberta Nonprofit Survey to find out the info you need.

Get Prepared

Resources and learning events to help your nonprofit prepare for any emergency.

AB Nonprofit Factsheet

AB Nonprofit Fact Sheet

Alberta nonprofits and charities by the numbers.

As a small charity, it is often difficult to be heard when policy issues or other concerns are raised in the sector. By being part of a larger group we have found support through the network of organizations associated with CCVO.

Cassandra Dam, CAPES General Manager

CCVO and its commitment to community is a vital tool and resource to help ensure the sector’s needs and vision are addressed not only in our city, but provincially and nationally.

Accessible Housing Society

Research as an activity is, unfortunately, far too often assigned a low priority amidst the many urgent challenges facing the nonprofit sector. It heartens me, therefore, to see research so explicitly articulated in your strategic priorities.

Nilima Sonpal-Valias

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