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CCVO's policy work is focused on providing a nonprofit voice to all levels of government. The sector turns to policy work when seeking to achieve systems-level change that cannot be accomplished through service delivery alone. We closely monitor and advocate for policy changes, share new nonprofit legislation and opportunities for you to engage. An understanding of the ways that your organization can engage with the municipal, provincial, and federal government is vital to fulfilling your mission.

We want to ensure you are prepared to respond to changing political environments and maximize your impact when government policies change. Reference our resources below to get informed and ensure you know what steps to take when decisions are being made that could affect your clients and the community you serve. We endeavour to be proactive in anticipating policy developments, representing the sector well and, in having a positive impact.

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Provincial Election Toolkit 2019

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CCVO is rolling out a nonprofit election toolkit to provide your organization with resources, tools, and information to help you confidently engage in policy advocacy in the upcoming provincial election. The date of the election is not yet released, but will need to be called by the end of May 2019.

Visit the Election Toolkit page for in-depth election resources for your nonprofit.

Join us at one of our upcoming Policy Lunch & Learn sessions to learn more about advocacy strategy for your nonprofit.

CCVO is committed to transparency and as such, we are pleased to share our policy priorities and will review these periodically to make sure that our work stays aligned with the needs of the nonprofit sector and current issues. These policy priorities reflect areas where we intend to show leadership in advocating for the best outcomes for the nonprofit sector, sharing our insights and knowledge, and providing analysis on relevant policy issues.

Featured Policy Resources


In this video, public policy experts explain why and how nonprofit organizations can magnify the impact of their work by engaging in the advocacy process.


Government Relations Resources

Click below to access municipal, provincial, or federal government department contact information, committee schedules, budget information, and current election information.


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