CCVO Policy Advocacy

CCVO is actively involved in advocating for policies that benefit and improve the functions of the nonprofit sector. Our policy priorities guide our work and we are constantly expanding and exploring new advocacy opportunities.

The following are examples of our advocacy work that gives voice to critical issues affecting the nonprofit sector. For CCVO policy resources published before 2017, visit our policy resource archive.


CCVO is committed to transparency and as such, we are pleased to share our policy priorities and will review these periodically to make sure that our work stays aligned with the needs of the nonprofit sector and current issues. These policy priorities reflect areas where we intend to show leadership in advocating for the best outcomes for the nonprofit sector, sharing our insights and knowledge, and providing analysis on relevant policy issues.


For CCVO resources such as federal submissions, provincial submissions, budget analyses, and Policy to the Point issues published before 2017, please visit our policy resource archive below.