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Leadership is always dynamic, always changing. It demands awareness, intentionality, reflection, and bold action. Through intensive cohort programs, Executive Directions participants increase their inner confidence and outer competence to lead.

Executive Directions (XD) provides participants with an environment for leadership learning and growth that fosters an increased impact in, and through, the people and the organizations they serve. The program integrates innovative and impactful ideas and processes from many sectors, tailoring them to the unique needs of the nonprofit leader.

Executive Directions offers two programs for nonprofit leaders:

1. Summit

Summit is open to executive directors, presidents, and CEOs, and other executive-level nonprofit leaders who report to a board of directors. Summit is an 18-month cohort experience where leaders learn and grow together in an environment where relationships are built on trust, honesty, and authenticity. Full-day cohort sessions and one-on-one coaching provide ongoing opportunities for participants to delve into their most pressing leadership challenges and opportunities, embrace new ideas and perspectives, and adapt to the changing environment with the support and encouragement of others who understand their unique role. Learn more

Apply for the 2018/19 cohort. Level 1 session dates are May 7 & 8, June 12, September 11, October 9, November 13, and December 11, 2018; Level 2 session dates are February 12, March 12, April 9, May 14, June 11, September 10, and October 8, 2019. Application deadline: March 15, 2018

Program Cost: $6,000 per level for seven full-day sessions and eight individual coaching sessions. Successful applicants will be directed to apply to the Canada Alberta Job Grant program for a partial reimbursement of the program fee; approved applicants will have their net program cost reduced to $2,000 per level.





Questions? Please contact Leslie Tamagi at


2. Ascent

Ascent is open to directors, program managers, and other similar levels of nonprofit leaders. Ascent is a six-month cohort experience for participants who want to be a courageous influencer and collaborative leader. Full-day monthly sessions and peer gatherings in between sessions provide opportunities to delve into the issues and challenges of being a senior-level leader. Participants will develop a deeper understanding of themselves as a leader, their role within the organization, and their connection to the broader community. Learn more

Our interactive sessions focus on individual growth, peer learning, coaching, and opportunities for application of learnings. One of the greatest strengths of the cohort experience is the power of the confidential peer advisory format; the group digs deep into challenging and important issues, learns from each other, challenges each other, and is accountable to each other.

Next Intake: Fall 2018; please contact Leslie Tamagi at to be notified when the next intake opens.

Program Cost: $2,400 for six, full-day sessions. Successful applicants will be directed to apply to the Canada Alberta Job Grant program for a partial reimbursement of the program fee; approved applicants will have their net program cost reduced to $800.


Summit Facilitators
for 2018-19


Ruth Esau

Ruth is an outcome-focused facilitator and coach with a passion for inspiring transformative living and leadership. Her own training and development is focused in executive coaching, emotional intelligence, strengths development, and educational excellence. Ruth’s desired outcome for each leader is for the time they spend in Executive Directions to be transformative in their personal and professional life in ways that cause them to grow in their confidence and competence as a leader.
SUMMIT 9 is Ruth’s fifth Cohort Facilitating experience, and one that is greatly anticipated.

Larry Thiessen

As a coach and facilitator, Larry believes the questions that we ask are more important than the solutions that we offer. His experience in consulting, executive coaching, leadership development, and strategic planning is focused on helping others to “see and think differently.” Larry’s preferred outcome is that each leader who participates in Executive Directions will increase their leadership capacity and move further up along their journey toward maximum impact.

Program Supporter

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