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Led by highly qualified facilitators, the Executive Directions programs advance the leadership skills of professionals in the nonprofit sector through real-time, personalized learning. The programs deliver personal growth tools that increase the confidence and competence of leaders to lead organizations in adapting, innovating, and contributing to systems-level change.

For over a decade, the Executive Directions program has been recognized as an important source of executive leadership development for Calgary’s nonprofit sector. In 2016, the program was acquired by CCVO and was expanded with the addition of programming for mid-to-senior level staff.

Executive Directions offers two programs for nonprofit leaders:

Executive Directions is unique among leadership development programs – rather than a strict delivery of a pre-set curriculum, key learning themes are identified that address the unique needs of each cohort. The programs integrate innovative and impactful concepts and practices from multiple sectors, and apply them to the needs of nonprofit professionals in their roles, their organizations, and their desired impact in the community.

Participants join an alumni community of over 120 local leaders and receive a certificate upon completion of their program. Long after the programs have ended, each cohort group continues to be a source of support and knowledge. Sustaining this network of like-minded professional colleagues increases collaboration, cross-sector impact, and systemic change within the sector.


Executive Directions programs are founded in evidence-based learning models, with the flexibility to uncover and address participants’ individual growth requirements. Intentionally small cohorts of 12-15 people maximize opportunities for relevant content and peer learning.

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