State of the Alberta Nonprofit Sector

The Alberta Nonprofit Survey series was initiated in 2009 to gauge the impact of the global recession, and has expanded to provide a lens on the state of the nonprofit sector in Alberta. It is the only source of Alberta-specific research on the experience of the sector. The reports are used not only by government and nonprofits, but also for CCVO to create new resources to support your policy work better.


The survey, and subsequent focus groups and interviews, inform a report that tells an important story of the sector, and serves as a guide to where we need to focus our attention in order to maintain critical services and supports for Albertans. The State of the Alberta Nonprofit Sector report influences our asks of government so that CCVO can continue to advocate as a voice for Alberta's nonprofit sector.

If you need help interpreting or making statements based on the survey data, please contact CCVO's policy & research staff at


Alberta Nonprofit Survey: Past Years’ Reports