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The Executive Directions Ascent program provides the next step for emerging nonprofit leaders who are challenged to grow within their organization or in the nonprofit sector.

EARly application deadline for the fall 2019 cohort is august 22!

To apply, please contact us at programs@calgarycvo.org or download an application below.

Learn more at the upcoming information session on August 15.

about the program


During the six-month Ascent program, you'll join nonprofit peers in a learning community that will help you understand your role as a leader and develop the confidence to grow your career.

Guided by specific topics and two skilled facilitators, nonprofit managers and directors come together each month for cohort learning that includes inquiry and conversations to help you experience deep self awareness, develop peer connections, and grow to becoming a more effective nonprofit leader. 

Ascent graduates report that they experience:

  • Strong connections with other leaders outside of their organization

  • Increased confidence in taking risks and dealing with tough issues

  • Deeper understanding of governance and Board roles

  • Positive relationships to work collaboratively inside and outside of their organizations

Ascent’s personalized learning was a first step into learning more about my strengths, being more self-aware and realizing the importance of taking an individual approach to my leadership. It have me the opportunity to share through discussions and have someone listen who didn’t judge.
— Chris Petrik, Ascent alumnus


Who: Directors, managers, and other mid-senior level nonprofit leaders.

When: Six full-day cohort sessions over six months, with smaller peer gatherings in between.


Where: Cohort full-day sessions are held in Calgary, Alberta. Peer meetings are booked at the discretion of participants.

Download the Ascent Cohort 4 Program Overview

Cost: $2,400. Participants are encouraged to apply for the Canada-Alberta Job Grant to offset two-thirds of the total program fees. Participants outside of Calgary may also be eligible for assistance with transportation, accommodation and meal costs with the Canada-Alberta Job Grant.

Grant applications must be submitted and approved prior to program start date and take at least 30 days for processing. Full details on the grant program can be found on the Canada Alberta Job Grant website.

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Ascent Cohort 2

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