Staff & Board

David Mitchell

President and CEO

David has a broad professional background, spanning the private, public, nonprofit, and education sectors. He has served in leadership roles in the resource industries, as an elected representative, in NGOs, and at a number of post-secondary education institutions. An award-winning writer and author, David’s expertise is in the areas of convening, fundraising, and public policy. He’s the father of two daughters, a doting grandfather to three adorable grandchildren, and is married to author and women’s advocate, Shari Graydon. | 403-910-5881

Mike Grogan

Vice President, Programs and Operations

Mike has worked with nonprofit organizations for over 20 years in areas such as program development and evaluation, adult education and organizational effectiveness. Mike recently completed his Masters of Arts in Leadership degree from Royal Roads University. His enthusiasm and passion for the sector are evident in his numerous volunteer activities in community services, youth and sports organizations. Mike’s strengths in strategic planning, organizational leadership and team building will be an asset as he leads and coordinates the work of the Calgary HR Initiative. | 403-910-5876

Nilima Sonpal-Valias

Director, Policy and Research

Nilima has deep scholarly and professional experience in Alberta’s nonprofit sector. She completed her PhD in 2016 in Political and Organizational Sociology at the University of Calgary, where she examined how services to Albertans with disabilities were shaped by historical shifts in socio-political contexts since 1905, and more specifically by the Klein reforms in the 1990s. Prior to pursuing her PhD, Nilima served as the Director of Research at The Vocational and Rehabilitation Research Institute (now Vecova Centre for Disability Services and Research) for seven years. It was during this time her curiosity and passion for the nonprofit sector took root and drove her to pursue the goal to unleash the sector’s potential through capacity enhancement, research, advocacy and systemic solutions. | 403-910-5871

Tracey Braun

Program Manager

Tracey has been engaged with Calgary’s nonprofit sector for over 20 years as a volunteer, staff person, and board member. Her diverse career has included work with feminist organizations, program development with small nonprofits, completing research projects for post-secondary institutions, and sitting as the executive director for three senior centres at the same time. Tracey completed her MA at Athabasca University in April 2014 with a focus in community studies, and now spends her spare time volunteering with various groups/projects while searching for the most concise answer to her son’s question, “How did you get involved in this work?” | 403-910-5872

Melody Brooks

Communications Coordinator

With over seven years of communications experience, Melody enjoys creating messages and stories that inform and inspire audiences. Prior to joining CCVO, her degrees in education and business led her to various roles with the provincial government and education institutions where she used her planning, presenting, writing and marketing skills to connect with others and manage projects. Melody values the many ways that the nonprofit sector enriches people’s lives, and looks forward each day to using her strengths to make a difference both personally and professionally.  | 403-910-5873

Neale Carbert

Policy Analyst

Neale found her passion for communities when she was 10 years old while poring over a map on a family road trip across Canada. She became fascinated with what made each town and city unique, who lived there, and what their stories were. This passion fuels her every day at CCVO, using the tools of qualitative and quantitative research to tell the stories of the nonprofits that make Alberta strong and unique. Before joining CCVO in 2016, Neale worked in municipal government in Ontario, and earned her Master of Public Administration at Western University. | 403-910-5874

Jackie Coe

Program Coordinator

Jackie has over 10 years of experience in human resources in the nonprofit and manufacturing sectors. Her experience as a human resources manager with Immigrant Services Calgary has provided her with firsthand experience and understanding of many of the human resources issues and challenges in the nonprofit sector. As Jackie continues to work with CCVO, she is committed to gaining greater understanding of the Calgary nonprofit labour force and improving human resources issues in the sector. Jackie holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Family and Social Relations from the University of Guelph.  | 403-910-5875

Jason Goertzen

Policy and Research Manager

Jason comes to CCVO after spending three years leading program evaluation efforts at CNIB, most recently as Director, Evaluation and Measurement. A former university professor, Jason holds a Ph.D. in Psychology from York University in Toronto and has been involved in research and evaluation projects for over 15 years. With a primary passion for methodology, he has been involved in projects with subject matter as diverse as vision loss rehabilitation, civic and political engagement, youth sexual health, barriers faced by children and youth, integrative thinking, and more. While the topics have changed over time, Jason’s underlying passion has always been combining analytical work with social impact, and he brings this perspective and enthusiasm to his new role with CCVO.  | 587-747-0215

Julia Lotholz

(on maternity leave until November 2017)

With over six years of experience in operations management in both the private and nonprofit sectors, Julia is passionate about helping great nonprofits do their work efficiently and effectively. With a diverse background ranging from aviation to international relief, she enjoys the ongoing challenge of creating a well-supported workplace and organization. She enjoys serving the staff, volunteers, and members of CCVO and being part of the positive influence the organization has in the nonprofit sector. Outside of the 9 to 5, you’ll find her enjoying the city with her family and yelling “don’t eat that!” at her toddler every few seconds.

Trevor Prosser

Information Systems Specialist

Trevor has several years worth of experience working with information systems in both the private and nonprofit sectors, having had a hand in development, implementation and maintenance of new and existing systems. His training in the journalism program at Mount Royal College, as well as his background in communication, administration, data management and web development, paired with his passion for the nonprofit sector, allows Trevor to contribute in a number of areas toward CCVO’s future successes. | 403-910-5878

Pamela Rempel

Acting Office Manager

Pamela is new to the nonprofit sector and brings with her over 10 years of administrative and marketing experience across various industries. Her Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and ongoing volunteer involvement in a number of charitable organizations lend a unique skill set and perspective to the CCVO team. | 403-910-5877

Matt Sawatsky

Emergency Preparedness Specialist

Matt has a diverse background in disaster preparedness and response which has included years of front line and management experience. He has been involved in the nonprofit sector for seven years with a focus on emergency preparedness and disaster social services, and most recently was the recovery supervisor for the Canadian Red Cross Society’s 2013 flood operations in High River. He has worked with a variety of public, private and nonprofit agencies toward streamlining emergency response efforts in the future. | 403-910-5879

Board of Directors

Randy Paquette

Bonnie Semeschuk

Karen Ball
Judge Edward (Ted) Carruthers
Zubin Cooper
Scott Decksheimer
Bill Dickson
Cyril Elbers
Leslie Evans
Areni Kelleppan
Patty Kilgallon
Christy Morgan
Greg Shyba

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