About CCVO


CCVO promotes and strengthens the nonprofit sector by developing and sharing resources and knowledge, building connections, leading collaborative work, and giving voice to critical issues affecting the sector.


A vital, dynamic nonprofit sector that is recognized and respected as an integral partner in building strong, healthy communities.

What is the nonprofit sector?

The high quality of life enjoyed in our communities is built on many of the programs, activities and services run by the more than 24,000 nonprofits and charities that make up the Alberta nonprofit sector. Nonprofit organizations in Alberta touch on virtually all aspects of life from leisure time to medical care. These include sports activities for our kids, environmental programs that conserve our natural treasures, services that help new immigrants settle in our community, training to give people the skills they need to fill gaps in the workforce, programs to help the homeless leave life on the street, and arts and cultural activities for the whole community, to name a few.

CCVO was established in 2004 to strengthen these individual organizations and the sector generally, by building capacity and addressing the larger systemic issues that can ultimately help or hinder their missions.

We serve the nonprofit sector

Giving Voice

CCVO gives voice to critical issues affecting charities and nonprofits. In a rapidly-changing social and political environment, we monitor emerging issues, providing decision-makers with a credible source of information about sector impact, and providing nonprofit groups with an understanding of sector-wide implications.

Our ground-breaking research provides a fact-based foundation of knowledge, used by organizations, governments and community investment teams to better understand both the needs of the sector and the positive impacts the sector provides to the community at large.

Strengthening the Sector

Strengthening the effectiveness and capacity of individual organizations and the broader nonprofit sector is a major focus of CCVO’s work. Through educational workshops, practical resources and promotion of innovative practices, CCVO encourages standards of practice that enable the sector to adapt to and best serve changing communities.

CCVO recognizes the importance of bringing people together in the spirit of shared dialogue and learning, drawing on the rich knowledge existing in our community.

Building Connections

Charities and nonprofit organizations across Canada are often the vanguard when it comes to creative approaches to systemic problems. Rather than work in isolation, nonprofits are quick to see the value in collaborative problem-solving with sector colleagues on local, provincial and national levels. CCVO works as a convener, bringing together nonprofits and charities, as well as government and corporate counterparts (at our annual Connections Conference, and in our on-going series of workshops and communities of practice).

Reach Hire, a CCVO initiative, is Alberta’s largest career centre connecting job seekers and nonprofit organizations.


Calgary Chamber of Voluntary Organizations is a registered Canadian charity (#868004706RR0001).

See our most recent annual Registered Charity Information Return on the CRA’s website

Audited Financial Statements

Our past three years of audited financial statements are available for online viewing or downloading:

2017 Audited Statements

2016 Audited Statements

2015 Audited Statements

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