Budget 2018: Signs of thinking differently, but still committed to status-quo

The Calgary Chamber of Voluntary Organizations (CCVO) was pleased to see Budget 2018 highlight the value of Alberta’s nonprofit sector. The provincial budget, released on March 22, includes the Ministry of Culture and Tourism’s key strategies that place a priority on assisting nonprofits in building their human and financial capacity. Additionally, the need for and value of collaboration with partners outside of Government were highlighted in the 2018-19 provincial budget. “This as an important signal and step towards supporting healthy communities, as many organizations within the nonprofit sector are well-positioned to work with Government on shared goals,” says David Mitchell, President and CEO of the Calgary Chamber of Voluntary Organizations. “CCVO is encouraged to see collaboration and partnership highlighted as a priority.” This budget also broadly considers the impact of spending to better support gender equality and Indigenous peoples. Taking this whole-of-government approach is a progressive step, and one of the first for a Canadian government. In CCVO’s pre-budget submission, which was informed by nonprofit sector input, we asked the Government to think and spend differently; Budget 2018 focus in these areas demonstrates the beginning of integrative thinking about public spending. There continues, however, to be more opportunity for future budgets to move beyond the status quo and think differently about public finances to more sustainably serve Alberta’s communities. Potential support for organizations affected by changes to labour legislation Over the past several months, CCVO listened to concerns from nonprofits about the impact of the updated Employment Standards Code on their operations, including increased costs of overtime, general holiday pay,  and the capacity required to update human resources policies...

2018 Alberta Pre-Budget Submission

In advance of the Government of Alberta’s 2018 Budget, CCVO has provided a pre-budget submission to give voice to a number of issues facing the nonprofit sector. Our submission includes four areas for consideration.

Share Your Thoughts on Alberta’s 2018 Budget

Alberta’s nonprofit sector makes our province a better place for all. As demand for services in some subsectors has continued to grow, shrinking individual and corporate donations have put pressure on some organizations’ ability to fulfill their missions. Many facilities are in need of repair and upgrade, and many organizations face workforce challenges.

Submission to City Charters Regulation Survey

The proposed City Charter Regulation has been developed by the Government of Alberta, the City of Edmonton, and the City of Calgary to “provide additional authorities and flexibility to the cities with the aim of building strong, vibrant cities that attract trade and investment.” The enabling proposals on which CCVO provided feedback are provided below, along with CCVO’s submitted remarks.

Managing Change: Solutions to Strengthen Your Organization

CCVO has developed a opportunity for nonprofit organizations to participate in a management consulting project through a partnership with the MBA program of the Haskayne School of Business at the University of Calgary. This project will allow organizations to draw upon the expertise of an advanced class of MBA students who wish to gain knowledge and experience in consulting and change management.

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