Keeping your New Year’s Resolutions…

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Welcome to the first week of January, a point when a quarter of all new year’s resolutions are abandoned. If you are determined to keep yours – whether for you or on behalf of your organization – the benefits that come from a CCVO membership are there to help. So what’s your resolution?

Empathy: The Next Great Innovation?

By Geoff Braun, Director of Policy and Research, CCVO

News spread quickly through the non-profit sector when, last week, the Social Innovation Endowment Fund was cancelled. Many are disappointed.

But maybe this is an opportunity to take pause and to think about our collective obsession with all things innovative. Why has this become our holy grail? Why is the sector under so much pressure, from government, from donors and from within, to innovate? Are we really so lacking in innovation?


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Hunting for Icebergs

I had the opportunity to attend a CCVO session today with Ashley Good, the founder and CEO of Fail Forward, as she spoke to an audience of nonprofit folks about fostering a mindset for innovation within organizations. She spoke about the polarity of innovation and stability, but not just as two ends of a single spectrum. Good’s model gave a second dimension, measuring both the pros and cons of each side, rather than focusing more simply on the positive parts of innovation and stale side of stability.

Building Sand-CASLs

The Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation took effect July 1, and still many nonprofits and charities are struggling to understand what exactly they need to do to get their organization compliant with the law when sending Commercial Electronic Messages (CEMs).

Literacy Cuts Go Deeper, Indicative of Larger Issues

Recently announced federal cuts to core funding for national and provincial literacy organizations are just one more example of the Government’s steady and deliberate erosion of backbone organizations in the nonprofit and charitable sector, including arts, environment, aboriginal health, international cooperation among others. (See list below). These cuts eliminate core-funding to backbone literacy organizations, with significant consequences that will extend far beyond these groups.

The Premier has resigned – so what does it mean for Alberta’s nonprofit sector?

The Premier has resigned – so what does it mean for Alberta’s nonprofit sector? In the short term, probably not much. The interim leader will largely maintain the status quo and hold things together until a permanent leader is chosen by the party. There likely won’t be a lot of major decisions made at either political or bureaucratic levels.

Shuffling the Deck

In the wake of a cabinet shuffle, there tend to be more questions than answers, and the one Premier Redford announced Friday is no different – particularly as it relates to Alberta’s social services sector, where employment and skills training has been removed from the Human Services Portfolio.

Make your voice heard October 21!

With less than a week until the municipal election, it has become all too apparent that something is missing from the debate. Where is the exchange about what we want Calgary to become? Tax rates are important, but at some point, shouldn’t we see taxes for what they are – a means to an end? And when we’re talking about the “end”, shouldn’t we be thinking well beyond the next electoral cycle?

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