Resilient Calgary Strategy Update

100 Resilient Cities (100RC) is an ongoing initiative that strengthens and builds the capacity of 100 cities from around the world. In 2016, Calgary was chosen to be part of the project and has since been developing a strategy to acknowledge and address some of the city’s greatest challenges.

On June 4, the strategy was presented to the Calgary Priorities and Finance Committee, and administration will ask for the report to be recommended by the Committee to Council on June 17.

The Resilient Calgary strategy (page 55) covers four pillars corresponding to the four discovery areas that emerged from the Preliminary Resilience Assessment (PRA):

  1. The Future of Calgary’s Economy (Economic Resilience)

  2. Inclusive Futures (Inclusive Leadership and Decision Making)

  3. The Future of Calgary’s Natural Infrastructure (Environmental Resilience)

  4. Future Ready Infrastructure (Infrastructure Resilience)

These pillars uphold the central theme: A Future Focused Calgary, and provide the foundation for the five goals, 13 outcomes, 29 actions, 29 success measures/ metrics, and 22 resilience in action spotlights that are included in the strategy.

There are a few areas of interest in particular for the nonprofit sector:

  • Pillar Two, which aims to build trust and diversity across all sectors within their communities. The United Way of Calgary and Area will be co-leading this discovery point with the intent to diversify communities and recognize the value of diversity in leadership and decision making roles.

  • Outcome 1C, which aims to strengthen business continuity within organizations and can be applied by nonprofits where applicable within their own organizations.

  • Outcome 2A, which provides an action plan for how the city will create more inclusive spaces as the PRA identified that individuals in under-represented communities were facing difficulties developing strong relationships with the government and other institutions in Calgary.

Ultimately, the Resilient Calgary Strategy will guide Calgary to be in a better position to mitigate the stresses and shocks that the city faces everyday. To find out more about this initiative, click here.