How will City Service Plans and Budgets Recommendations Affect your Nonprofit?

Calgarians are being invited to provide input on the recommended service levels for the City of Calgary’s Service Plans and Budgets 2019-2022. Over the next four years, service levels for The City's 61 services will either increase, decrease or remain the same. By getting involved in the engagement process, you can get help City Council understand how the recommendations will affect your nonprofit and the important issues you are working to address.

Here’s a timeline to help you engage in shaping the future of City services:

October 11 – 23: Provide online feedback here on service levels that are set to increase, decrease and remain the same.

October 13 – 25: Choose from 14 locations across the city to meet with City staff and share your feedback. Visit here and check under “key dates” for dates and locations.

November 14 – 21: The City’s four-year budget is set to be publicly released on November 14 and you will have another opportunity to provide feedback in one of three ways – (find more information on this opportunity here):

  • Email your feedback

  • Drop-off your feedback at City Hall 

  • Present your feedback in-person at the Public Hearing on November 26

November 26 – 30: City Council will be discussing and making decisions on the 2019-2022 Service Plans and Budgets. Watch live or attend the meeting to see decision making in action.

January 2019: 2019-2022 service plans and budgets in effect.

Please note that the opportunity for online feedback from October 11 – 23 is public and anonymous. In addition to this engagement opportunity, nonprofits should highly consider submitting formal, written feedback on behalf of their organizations between November 14-21, or in-person on November 26.

Your input is an important part of the business planning and budgeting process. By submitting your feedback on the proposed budget and service plans, the City will have a greater understanding of how to utilize tax dollars to better meet the needs of your nonprofit and the community.