Changes to the Canada Labour Code

As the Government of Canada currently works on its new Pay Equity Act and Accessible Canada Act, they are making changes to the Canada Labour Code that will coincide with some of terms relating to accessibility and equity. The following entitlement changes will come into effect under Part III of the Code:

  • The right to request flexible work arrangements

  • New and expanded leaves of absence:

    • Personal Leave up to 5 days with the first 3 days paid

    • Leave for Traditional Aboriginal Practices up to 5 days

    • Leave for Victims of Family Violence up to 10 days with the first 5 days paid

    • Bereavement Leave up to 5 days with the first 3 days paid

  • The ability to modify work schedules and substitute general holidays

  • A requirement to give notice of work schedules at least 96 hours prior to the shift, and a minimum of 24 hours notice for a shift change

  • A limited right to refuse overtime

  • The ability to divide, interrupt, or postpone vacation

Additionally, changes to the Canada Labour Standards Regulation will be made to reflect the new entitlements above. Upcoming, there will be a consultation process to help guide the next steps in updating the Labour Code.

The changes and new regulation will come into force on September 1, 2019. Please note that the Canada Labour Code only affects employees and employers in specific businesses that fall under the legislative authority of the Parliament of Canada (see coverage). All other workers typically follow provincial labour legislation.

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