Canada Revenue Agency Seeking Online Feedback from Canadians and Charities

The CRA recently released three online consultations running from April 23 to June 18, 2019 in order to collect feedback from Canadians on CRA services. This is part of their ongoing commitment to people-focused service, emphasized by the Minister of National Revenue. There will also be seven in-person, by-invitation consultations conducted in cities across Canada during May and June of 2019, to ensure that the CRA is collecting representative feedback.

The CRA is currently seeking feedback on:

Additionally, the CRA provides resources for the charitable sector, such as this infographic on how to determine the true source of a donation. They are currently asking for feedback on their communication and outreach products from charities. Findings will be shared in Fall 2019.

Feedback surveys are now open in the following four topic areas:

The CRA is hoping to use this feedback to improve their services and products in order to better serve Canadians and charities. Have your say! Please submit your feedback to ensure that the CRA hears from charities in Alberta.