Calgary City Council Continues Support for the Mental Health and Addiction Strategy

On July 29, 2019, Calgary City Council voted unanimously to continue funding for the Mental Health and Addiction Strategy Framework. In 2018, the City agreed to fund $25 million over 5 years toward a mental health strategy. Earlier this year however, the City did not receive approval from the Calgary City Council Standing Policy Committee to move forward. After careful consideration and more clarification, City Council decided it would maintain the $15 million funding for community-based mental health and addiction projects. The city also agreed to allocate up to $1 million from the $10 million of previously earmarked funds to test innovative initiatives, to be developed in collaboration with other potential funding partners. An additional $3 million has been allocated from the earmarked funds to maintain programs in 2020 in an effort to reduce service gaps. The remaining $17 million are to be allocated through further direction in the future.

 The development and implementation of the mental health and addiction strategy requires the involvement of many stakeholder groups, including the critical support of the nonprofit sector. We look forward to reviewing the medium and long-term actions that Administration will bring to Council later next year.

 Click here for the Mental Health and Addiction Strategy Framework.