Alberta Legislature Sits for the First Time Since Election

The Legislative Assembly of Alberta will have the first sitting for the summer session today, along with the swearing-in of the government’s Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs). The MLAs will first be voting to elect the Speaker of the House, whose role it is to preside over debates and proceedings in the Legislative Assembly.

It has been three weeks since the Premier and Ministers were sworn in (find the full breakdown of Cabinet members in a previous CCVO blog post). There have already been a number of announcements and news releases issued by the government. The session ahead will feature up to twelve bills, including the elimination of the carbon tax, lowering corporate taxes, and revisions to health and safety legislation, which indicates quick implementation of the UCP government’s platform in the weeks to come.

Last week, opposition MLAs were sworn in and the critic roles were also announced, which you can find detailed in a recent CCVO blog post.

Tomorrow, the Speech from the Throne will be delivered by Lieutenant Governor Lois Mitchell. The Speech will outline the broad goals and direction of the government. The legislature will remain in session until July 8 (seven weeks), at which point it will adjourn for a constituency break.

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Watch the government in session here.