Alberta Climate Week: Increase Your Organization's Energy Efficiency

Alberta Climate Week is taking place next week, from September 24-28, 2018. This week brings together industry, government, nonprofits, and community stakeholders from across the province. The Summit seeks to explore the potential in Alberta’s energy future through sharing stories, discussing challenges, and inspiring leaders. In addition to the Summit, many environmental initiatives will be taking place across the province, including conferences, workshops and community events. Alberta Climate Week is an opportune time to talk about energy efficiency as it applies to the nonprofit sector.

Rising energy costs have been a concern across the sector due to the recent implementation of the carbon tax. Increasing energy efficiency can be one way to ease these costs. However, the resources to achieve this are often very limited within the sector. The Government of Alberta has heard these concerns and implemented an initiative to assist nonprofits in increasing their energy efficiency. This initiative is a potential win-win for nonprofits, as it: saves organizations money by reducing energy bills, improves the office environment for staff, and contributes to the long-term health and sustainability of the organization - and the communities they serve. Submit an Expression of Interest today!

Nonprofit Energy Efficiency Transition – Energy Efficiency Alberta

The Nonprofit Energy Efficiency Transition (NEET) program launched in 2017, pledging an initial $1 million to the program. The purpose of the program is to reduce the energy bills of nonprofits at a time when organizations are facing compounding financial constraints.

NEET is considered a transitional program that encourages nonprofits to take early action on improving their energy efficiency. Through NEET, Eligible nonprofits can have an energy efficiency audit conducted by designated energy consultants. Once the audit has been completed, the organization will be provided with an energy management plan, outlining recommendations for technological changes and upgrades to reduce high energy costs. Examples of recommended upgrades include high-efficiency lighting, heating, cooling and hot water systems, and more modern appliances. The program covers 100% of eligible organization’s direct costs for both the audit and subsequent energy management plans, for up to a maximum of $12,000 per organization. Organizations with audit costs exceeding $12,000 will be directly invoiced for the outstanding costs.

Organizations that do not own their facility can still participate in the program. In order to be eligible, organizations who lease their facility must provide proof of payment of utility bills and they must have the ability and permission to implement retrofits in their facility.  

Coming Soon for NEET Participants

The government will soon be launching a custom nonprofit energy savings program for organizations who have participated in the NEET program to help these organizations achieve the opportunities identified in the NEET energy audits. As part of this program, organizations will have energy-efficient products and equipment installed in their facilities at no charge or minimal cost. More details will be released on the program this coming Fall.

Nonprofits can also apply for the Business Energy Savings Program, open to nonprofits whose facilities are serviced by an Alberta electric utility.

CCVO encourages nonprofits to participate in the NEET program and take advantage of upcoming rebates to increase energy efficiency and reduce high energy costs. We will be providing more updates on the new rebate program as they are released.


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