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The Connections Conference is an annual event that brings together over 300 professionals, leaders, and changemakers from Alberta’s nonprofit, business, and government sectors for a day of learning and dialogue to turn ideas into actions. It is an annual event dedicated to sharing innovative best practices and thought leadership that inspires action to tackle complex problems from a systems perspective. The Connections Conference is made possible through the generosity of corporate and community partners.

Connections Conference 2019

April 10, 2019, Ross Glen Hall, Mount Royal University

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On April 10, 2019, CCVO will convene the 8th annual Connections Conference at Mount Royal University. This year, our focus is on being adaptive – represented by the chameleon, one of the most adaptive creatures on Earth. The 2019 Conference speakers – local, national, and international leaders and experts – will share insights that will empower nonprofits and their supporters to respond to changes in the economy, technology, and society, and be proactive in leading and learning from change.

What does adaptive capacity mean for your organization? Connections Conference kickoff speaker Juan Carlos Eichholz, gives an insightful illustration of the concept in the video below, along with current examples of organizations effectively, and successfully, adapting to their environments.


How can we better prepare to proactively respond to change in a way that empowers all of us? How does being adaptive support our work for the communities we serve?

Nonprofits play an essential role in ensuring our health and wellbeing, our connectedness and quality of life, and are on the leading edge of thinking and modernizing practice and service delivery in Alberta. To support their work, nonprofits are increasingly required to be more adaptive: responsive to the transformation of the economy, alert to the impacts of social and technological change, and proactive in leading change. We are excited to see the nonprofit sector evolving in many positive ways and becoming more responsive to the increasing pace and rate of change.

The Connections Conference will provide nonprofit attendees with new leadership, learning, and advocacy insights, best practices, and resources that will develop the attendees’ capacity to be adaptive in what is certain to be a complex and unpredictable future. Please join us for this day of dialogue and discovery to imagine new ways to create change in our communities.

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The Connections Conference is made possible through the generosity of many corporate and community supporters. Your commitment to help tackle complex problems, inspire action, and support the sharing of best practices and thought leadership is valued.

Thank you to our Supporters



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See you at Connections Conference 2019!