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Our members reflect the breadth and diversity of the nonprofit sector: from small grassroots groups and local initiatives to large national charities and umbrella organizations, all have chosen to join CCVO to better their impact and receive support for their work.

We also have many government agencies, small and large businesses, and individuals who have become members to support the nonprofit sector. Learn more about CCVO members by clicking on a member name below.


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The Foundation is the recipient of the interest which banks, credit unions, trust companies, and treasury branches must pay on clients' funds held in lawyers' general trust accounts. The interest is made available by the Foundation by way of grants to organizations engaged in activities which are considered to be in keeping with the Foundation's objects.

Bow River Trout has been formed out of a need for an organization to advocate for support of the Bow River’s world-class fishery, needing new and improved river access. In addition, advocacy and engagement with government agencies is needed to support a sustainable fish population. Bow River Trout is driven by a commitment to being “The Leading Voice for the Bow River Fishery”.

The CCAC is a nonprofit organization that, together with partners, is taking a leadership role to advance the way Canada understands and addresses child abuse. The CCAC works with partner organizations to provide wrap-around services to assess, investigate, intervene, and support survivors of child abuse while bringing offenders to justice.

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