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HR in a Box is a partnership between CCVO, the Talent Pool, and CPHR Alberta. Each session provides opportunities to share ideas, work together on strategies, develop practical solutions to real issues, and take away tips and tools to implement at your workplace.


Past Sessions & Videos

The Future of Work is the Future of Everything: Technology and the Shifting Workplace

June 6, 2018  |  9am – noon  |  Kahanoff Conference Centre, #202, 105-12 Ave SE

CCVO’s research on adaptive capacity in the nonprofit sector confirmed that technology is one of the four major trends impacting our workplaces. Up to 40% of jobs could be partially or fully automated today, and that number will surpass 60% in just ten years.

Attend this bonus HR in a Box workshop on June 6 to discuss the skills and competencies required to thrive in the era of artificial intelligence, with specific examples of how technological innovation will affect organizations, leaders, and employees in the years to come. Learn how we can redefine employment in an age of digital disruption, and consider what this shift means for the nonprofit sector.

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Rolling Out the HR Strategic Plan: HR Analytics and Scorecard to the Rescue

January 24, 2018

HR metrics and workforce analytics help organizations identify strengths and weaknesses, areas for improvement, and opportunities for growth. With today’s workplace spanning multiple generations, and the focus on emerging required skills, HR metrics are rapidly evolving. More emphasis is also being given to the role of data collection for managerial decision making. Join Janet Salopek to navigate how to align HR analytics with your business strategies and organizational goals. You will also discuss how HR metrics and workforce analytics improve bottom line results.

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Recruitment in a Shifting Skills Landscape: Planning Tactics

November 28, 2017

Current economic trends are creating a different sort of competition for recruitment. New ways of attracting talent are a priority for many organizations, with strategic focus and specialist knowledge crucial to success. Join Janet Salopek to explore recruitment practices in the rapidly shifting landscape of work and the impact of emerging new skills. Learn to identify different perspectives as you plan for what is expected to be increasingly challenging years ahead.

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The Cannabis Quagmire: Accommodation 2017 & Beyond

October 24, 2017

With legal marijuana just around the corner, employers need to be aware of their rights and responsibilities. Organizations and HR professionals need to answer questions regarding acceptable level of use, required policies and procedures, and violation of rules. Using the “Workplace marijuana possession/use” case study, Adam Czarnecki will lead a discussion on the myths and realities of cannabis usage in the workplace, including types of cannabis products, medical marijuana, recreational uses, human rights vs privacy vs safety, and workplace readiness.

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Changing Demographics & Managing Change Within a Dynamic Workforce

September 13, 2017

Change has become the norm in today’s workplace. To stay relevant, organizations need to continually evaluate, realign plans based on new information, and embrace diversity and technology. Join Janet Salopek to discuss how shifting demographics are impacting talent attraction, retention, and development. Participants will also explore perspectives on organizational people plans, and the resulting change management processes that will impact organizations.

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