Federal Election Vote Kit



The federal election is on October 21, 2019. Join the #nonprofitsvote campaign and have your voice heard during the upcoming election! Use the Vote Kit resources* to help you create your vote plan and engage your organization in the voting process. Subscribe to our newsletter and follow @calgarycvo for election resource updates.




Join the campaign by committing to vote, and share the campaign with others!

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learn about the Election Issues

Do you know what the political parties’ positions on key issues are? Get informed so you can vote with confidence.

  • Read CCVO’s political party platform analysis for the nonprofit sector. COMING SOON!

  • Look out for the release of the 2019 Canadian federal election Vote Compass, which shows you how your views align with those of the candidates running in the election.

  • Check out a list of the political parties and their contact information here.

  • Read CCVO’s Federal Election Policy Brief. COMING SOON!

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plan YOUR vote

Prepare the when, how and where of your personal vote plan. For more information on taking time off work to vote, voting by special ballot, mobile polls, and other voting accommodations, please click here.

  • Find your electoral district by entering your address here.

  • Who are the candidates in my riding? COMING SOON!

  • When do I vote? Election Day is Monday, October 21, 2019. Advance polls will be held on the 10th, 9th, 8th and 7th days before election day (a Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday).

  • How do I vote? Find out who is eligible to vote here and what ID is required here. Learn about the ways you can vote here.

  • For information on accessibility, see this Elections Canada video.

  • Where do I vote? The dates and address of your advance poll will be available on the Elections Canada website, on your personalized voter information card mailed to your home address, or by calling Elections Canada.



Alberta has more than 26,000 nonprofits – together we have strength in numbers. Let’s use our collective influence to get out the vote! Want to learn more about the reach and the impact of the sector? Download the infographic here.

For information on how your organization can engage in advocacy during the election, read our 2019 federal election advocacy guide, to be released in late August.


countdown to election day

*CCVO is proudly nonpartisan. The #nonprofitsvote materials or activities are not intended to support or oppose candidates or political parties.