CCVO supports secondary suites

December 4, 2014

Dear Mayor Nenshi and Members of City Council;

Re: Support for Increase in Secondary Suites

The Calgary Chamber of Voluntary Organizations (CCVO), strongly urges you to legalize and increase access to secondary suites.

CCVO exists to support and strengthen the nonprofit sector. We have a membership of over 300 Calgary based nonprofits that reflect the breadth and diversity of the sector.

As you are well aware, Calgary requires more affordable housing. Many of our member agenc es serve individuals who are on limited incomes and don’t share in Calgary’s enormous wealth. Calgary’s working poor and its vulnerable are no ess deserving of dignity and security than any other Calgarian. We need to redouble our efforts to ensure housing options are available to them.

Likewise, for our City to be viable, it must be affordable for all those that don’t work in more lucrative occupations, but are essential to promoting the quality of life we have come ta expect in Calgary. Increasingly, affordable housing has become a serious nonprofit workforce issue, especially for those who are early on in their careers. We cannot let housing serve as a deterrent to entering or remaining in the nonprofit workforce.

CCVO believes that increasing access to secondary suites is an important component of a broader affordable housing strategy. It will not solve Calgary’s affordable housing problem, but if Edmonton’s modest uptake is any indication, it will improve the lives of thousands while preserving what people value about their neighbourhoods. Taking action on secondary suites is a simple and smart first step.


Geoff Braun,

Director of Policy and Research

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