What does the Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Legislation mean for Alberta Nonprofits?

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by Alexa Briggs, CCVO Manager, Policy & Research

The Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) legislation was passed by the provincial government in June 2018 to enable municipalities to establish a program that assists property owners to make energy efficiency upgrades. It is a voluntary program that provides financing, which is repaid through property taxes. Municipalities must pass a PACE bylaw in order for residents to participate.

My nonprofit is exempt from property tax, am I eligible?

In short, yes. There is a mechanism for nonprofits to secure the financing for eligible energy efficient upgrades. If you want details, contact Energy Efficiency Alberta to find out more.

My nonprofit rents or leases our space, how can we take advantage of the program?

Nonprofits may wish to see property owners take advantage of energy efficient upgrades with the goal of reducing their operational costs. The provincial government intends to: work with nonprofits to develop resources that will assist in negotiations with landlords; do outreach to property management companies; and work with organizations like the Alberta Real Estate Association to encourage property owners to take advantage of this opportunity.

What’s next?

Whether or not a PACE program becomes available in Calgary depends upon The City of Calgary’s approval of a PACE bylaw.

As PACE unfolds in Calgary, CCVO will: continue to work towards ensuring that operational savings earned by property owners are passed on to nonprofit organizations; encourage minimal administrative burden on nonprofits; share updates to keep the sector informed about developments.

What can my nonprofit do right now? Your nonprofit can contact Calgary City Council and The Mayor to find out if there are plans to introduce a PACE bylaw. Your nonprofit can contact Energy Efficiency Alberta for more information. Continue to follow CCVO’s blogTwitterLinkedIn and e-newsletter (sign up here) for updates!