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Alberta Legislative Round Up: 13 Bills Passed by the New Government

The first sitting of the new government began on May 22 with a Speech from the Throne and just concluded on July 4 with 13 bills passed relating to 55 of the UCP platform commitments. The House will not sit again until October when a budget is expected to be tabled. To give nonprofits an easy reference to all the legislation, this blog post provides a brief summary of each bill.

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Breaking Down Bill 2: What It Means for Your Nonprofit

Bill 2: An Act to Make Alberta Open for Business is set to implement critical and strategic changes affecting the Alberta labour force. The bill covers a range of subsections including the Alberta Employment Standards Code, the Labour Relations Code and changes in the minimum wage. This blog post will break down Bill 2 and help you understand how your nonprofit will be affected by the new legislation, if it is passed in its current form.

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Alberta Minimum Wage Increase Coming October 1

Alberta's minimum wage will increase to $15.00 an hour, up from $13.60 an hour. This increase will mark the final stage in a series of minimum wage increases enacted by the Alberta Government. In 2015, Alberta was the first province to commit to a $15.00 minimum wage phase-in, and as of October 1st, will be the first province or state in North America to accomplish it. 

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