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Social Innovation and Social Finance: An Introduction for Nonprofits

Social innovation is the use of different strategies and ideas to address existing social and/or environmental issues. These innovations can take many forms, from community-centered planning to international labour standards to fair trade. Social finance, a form of social innovation, is the use of investments (loans, equity finance, bonds, etc.) to further a social and/or environmental impact while also generating financial returns for investors. This blog post introduces Social Innovation and Social Finance to nonprofits to help prepare and inform the sector in light of the Government of Canada’s new initiative.

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CRA's Rules for Advocacy by Charities

Across Canada, charities have a wealth of in-depth knowledge about their community and the populations they serve. Organizations working on the ground can identify new or emerging issues and opportunities, and be a source of insight and expertise. Sharing this knowledge with all levels of government can lead to the development of and implementation of effective policies that build a healthy and vibrant community.

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