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CCVO responds to upcoming City of Calgary Budget Cuts

On Monday July 22, Calgary City Council will meet to review Administration’s proposal on cutting $60 million in the City’s operational spending. The City has been asked to make these cuts to make way for property tax relief for business owners in Calgary. In this blog post, CCVO responds to these budget cuts in the context of the nonprofit community, and discusses our recommendations to the City of Calgary.

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Calgary City Council Standing Policy Committee on Community and Protective Services Discuss New Strategies for Mental Health, Gender Equity, and Multilingual Communications

On June 12, the Calgary City Council SPC on Community and Protective Services met to discuss funding and support for a Mental Health and Addiction Strategic Framework, approval of a Gender Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy, and review of the Multilingual Communications and Engagement Policy Report. This blog post discusses the outcomes of these discussions and what Calgarians can expect moving forward.

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