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Head in the Cloud: How Cloud Accounting Can Benefit Your Not-for-Profit

Technology moves and grows fast, and as a Not-for-Profit, it may not be a priority to explore the new advances. However, familiarizing yourself with new technologies to modernize your practices can be impactful to the crucial work you do every day for the community. It can help you save more of your funds, and free up time to focus on your mission. You’ve probably heard about “The Cloud” which is the catalyst for one of the newest beneficial waves of technology: Cloud Accounting.

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Calling all Alberta Nonprofits: Help tell the nonprofit sector’s story in 2019

The annual Alberta Nonprofit Survey opens on May 28. This survey is an opportunity to share your views and to help tell the story of the Alberta nonprofit sector. That story only gets told with your participation and submissions to the survey are instrumental in advocating for the sector. This year, the survey will once again be supplemented with data and personal perspectives gathered from focus groups and interviews, which will be conducted with nonprofit leaders across Alberta who complete the survey.

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The Official Opposition in Alberta

Members of the Opposition are MLAs who are not part of the governing party. The role of the opposition is to hold the government accountable, criticize government activity, propose amendments to policies, and present themselves to the public as an alternative to the party in office. Leader of the Opposition Rachel Notley and her party’s MLAs were recently sworn in and she has announced her party’s critic roles, as noted in this post.

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