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Influencing Public Policy: Update

CCVO has updated it's 2010 publication Influencing Public Policy to reflect new changes from the CRA. This resource helps nonprofits understand what advocacy activities are considered allowable, under the guidelines of the Canada Revenue Agency Policy Statement on Political Activities (CPS-022).

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CRA's Rules for Advocacy by Charities

Across Canada, charities have a wealth of in-depth knowledge about their community and the populations they serve. Organizations working on the ground can identify new or emerging issues and opportunities, and be a source of insight and expertise. Sharing this knowledge with all levels of government can lead to the development of and implementation of effective policies that build a healthy and vibrant community.

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Anti-Terrorist Act

The Anti-Terrorism Act is a key component of the Government of Canada's overall anti-terrorism strategy. Charities and the directors and officers of charities that transfer charitable funds within Canada or internationally need to understand the restrictions and guidelines on these activities set out in the Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) and Terrorist Financing Act and of the Income Tax Act.

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