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Introducing the NEW Boland Survey Platform!

We know that detailed surveys can sometimes be confusing and difficult to maneuver, often due to outdated platforms with limited flexibility. Administered by CCVO, the Boland Survey – which collects comprehensive data on HR practices and salaries in the nonprofit sector – admittedly fell into that category, until recently that is. In the coming weeks, the 2019 Boland Survey will launch on a completely NEW online platform.

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Building a Vibrant Nonprofit Workforce with the Boland Survey

The Alberta nonprofit sector is a source of great innovation, solutions for complex problems, and exceptionally creative collaborations. None of these activities occur without a committed, professional, and skilled workforce. Your organization’s total compensation strategy – salary, health and wellness benefits, vacation, and additional incentives – plays a crucial role in employee retention and satisfaction. For your strategy to be effective, you should be sure to revisit it regularly, and not only upon hiring. Read more about the Boland Survey and how its data can help you create a competitive and fair compensation structure for your employees.

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