Nonprofit Leaders Meet With Minister Ceci for Budget Consultation


Leaders emphasize the need for flexible, multi-year funding.

On January 17, 2018, CCVO brought together 25 community leaders from the nonprofit sector for a budget consultation with Alberta’s Minister of Finance, Joe Ceci. The consultation shed light on the sentiments of a diverse group of organizations representing the nonprofit sector in Calgary.

The consultation opened with a round of introductions of those in the room and allowed for an opportunity for participants to share top-of-mind concerns. Organizations from the health, arts, sports, and social service subsectors were represented, as well as funders and community members, senior public servants from the Ministry of Finance, and senior political staff from the Premier’s Office and the Minister’s Office.

Participants spoke to the current financial and operational challenges and opportunities in their own organizations and the broader community. Common themes included the need for investment in mental health, capital improvements, technology, and energy efficiency. The conversation also included reference to the Government’s fiscal challenges and encouraged the Government to reconsider the current revenue model.

Several participants encouraged the Minister and Government to take a critical look at the status quo of current programs and funding, and how existing funds could be better spent. The sector, participants said, is ripe for innovation and creativity, which are made possible by flexible, multi-year government funding and using budget dollars differently.

The consultation will support the content and shape of CCVO’s pre-budget submission. We encourage you and your organization to continue this conversation during the Government’s Budget 2018 consultation, closing February 9, 2018.

If your organization is following this year’s provincial budget, we would appreciate hearing your thoughts leading up to the budget, and your reaction after it is released. Please reach out to us at