Know the Code: Changes to Alberta's Employment Standards Coming January 1

The updated Employment Standards Code comes into effect on January 1, 2018. As these changes are the first overhaul of the Code since 1988, updating organizational policies and practices have become an area of deliberate attention for nonprofit organizations that employ staff.

Both nonprofit employers and employees will be significantly impacted by the changes. As an employer, you need to be aware of changes and update organizational policies and practices in accordance with the Code. The Employment Standards Code currently impacts the nonprofit sector more than the Labour Relations Code does and remains the focus of our work. Here are some of the most significant areas of change in the updated Code:

  • Absences from Work:
    • Leave Eligibility
    • Maternity/parental Leave
    • Compassionate Care Leave
    • Bereavement Leave
    • Reservist Leave
    • Personal & Family Responsibility Leave
    • Long-Term Illness & Injury Leave
    • Domestic Violence Leave
    • Citizenship Ceremony Leave
    • Critical Illness of a Child Leave
    • Death or Disappearance of a Child Leave
  • Hours of Work and Rest
  • Averaging Agreements (formerly compressed work weeks)
  • Deductions
  • Overtime
  • General Holiday and General Holiday Pay
  • Vacation and Vacation Pay
  • Termination and Termination Pay
  • Youth Employment

To help your organization make the changes to meet compliance with the updated Employment Standards Code, visit the Alberta Labour website for resources and materials.