Harvard ManageMentor Program

Harvard Management Training at Your Fingertips

CCVO is pleased to offer Calgary's nonprofits, charities and voluntary organizations access to an outstanding, self-directed management training and development program called Harvard ManageMentor, which is affiliated with the Harvard School of Business, one of the most respected business institutions in the world.

Harvard ManageMentor 11 offers 44 modules designed to help managers and leaders gain skills or get help fast on a specific topic and to share what they know. The new interface for Harvard ManageMentor 11 provides easier browsing, the ability to search content, tips of the day and daily live feeds. Develop Others is a brand new component which has been added to all modules where leaders can share ideas with colleagues, lead a discussion or start a group project. Many modules also contain articles, case studies and commentaries.

Harvard ManageMentor is a robust online learning solution; it's flexible, cost effective and is built on the knowledge and experience of world-class experts. Modules cover a wide range of management topics and include video insights, cases, real-world practice , tools, assessments and more. Participants will gain knowledge and develop skills that can be applied to immediate work situations which will help to strengthen specific leadership skills that drive performance and results.

Click here for a demonstration of the Harvard ManageMentor 10 program.

For more information, contact Jackie Coe at the Calgary Chamber of Voluntary Organizations for more information: 403.261.6655 or email jcoe@calgarycvo.org.


Harvard ManageMentor is an innovative, collaborative approach to training brought to you by the Calgary HR Initiative, a program of the Calgary Chamber of Voluntary Organizations, and is made possible by the generous support of the United Way of Calgary and Area.