Flood Report #2: Resilience in the face of adversity

The months following the worst flooding in decades across southern Alberta have been filled with endless examples of citizens and organizations stepping up to meet the needs of our communities. From the onset, nonprofit organizations have been at the forefront of, both, immediate responses, and now, ongoing recovery efforts.

In the days immediately following the flooding, CCVO and Propellus launched a survey to gauge the initial impacts on Calgary and area nonprofits. The Calgary Nonprofit Flood Report provided insight into the experiences of organizations from all parts of the sector and has been widely used by funders, governments, capacity builders and other stakeholders to develop informed responses to the crisis.

This second survey follows up on the themes that emerged in the initial report. It summarizes the responses of over 100 nonprofit organizations providing a deeper understanding of their experiences over the past two months, their expectations of the future and the lessons they have learned throughout this journey.