The Alberta Nonprofit Election Toolkit Has Launched!


by Lina Khatib, CCVO Policy Analyst

We’re excited to announce the release of the complete Nonprofit Election Toolkit - a practical guide for nonprofits to engage in advocacy during the 2019 Alberta election.

We created this Toolkit to support nonprofits in engaging more deeply in public policy advocacy and to inspire conversations about the crucial role that Alberta nonprofits play in our communities. The resources are intended to help inform nonprofit executive directors, staff, board members, and volunteers about the context, rules, and strategies that can be used to support nonprofit contributions to public policy dialogue and development.

In the Toolkit, you’ll find helpful resources including:

  • the major economic, social, and democratic contributions of the nonprofit sector in Alberta.

  • easy to follow information on how to navigate and engage with the Alberta government.

  • a one-stop-source for federal and provincial rules on nonprofit advocacy.

  • guidance and tips on setting a policy agenda for your organization.

  • strategies for election engagement including media exposure.

  • insights on what to expect during the election and how to continue your policy advocacy post-election.

The Toolkit also offers an exciting opportunity to join the #nonprofitsvote campaign. This is a nonpartisan, nonprofit-led effort which aims to increase voter participation in the Alberta 2019 provincial election. Click here to learn more about the campaign and the new CCVO Vote Kit.

The Toolkit includes infographics, templates, and presentations for you to download. Click here to view the full Toolkit and explore helpful resources to enhance your advocacy efforts during this election!