Calgary Nonprofit Innovation Awards winners announced!

For Immediate Release: Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Local organizations innovate to close the housing gap, engage seniors and students and gain employable skills through art

Calgary, AB – Charities and nonprofits are often the vanguard when it comes to finding creative solutions to social problems. Now in its third year, the Calgary Chamber of Voluntary Organizations (CCVO) Calgary Nonprofit Innovation Awards celebrate this creative spirit and showcase local innovation in action.

These examples of unique collaborative partnerships, game-changing ways of operating, and inventive service offerings show how local nonprofits are stepping up with the desire and action to truly do things differently in bold and meaningful ways. Each of the award winners represents a concrete example of innovative thinking making a difference in the lives of our fellow Calgarians, our neighbours, family and friends.

By sharing these stories, we applaud these ground-breaking organizations – and we hope to stimulate others. We know that innovation is a mindset, not an outcome; it stems from a desire to do things better to improve the outcomes for our stakeholders. The possibilities for our sector are almost limitless.

CCVO will be honoring the winners of this year’s Calgary Nonprofit Innovation Awards at an event exclusively for award recipients and CCVO members at The BOW Auditorium.  The Calgary Nonprofit Innovation Awards are generously supported by Cenovus Energy.

The winners for this year are:

Attainable Homes
Trinity Place Foundation of Alberta
Prospect Human Services

For more information on the recipients and their stories, download the Innovation Awards program (PDF)