Calgary HR Initiative

The Calgary HR Initiative (CHRI) develops strategies, programs and collaborations that support effective human resource management practices in order to build capacity within the Calgary nonprofit human services sector. The CHRI is a collective undertaking of local nonprofit organizations, funders, human services networks and governments dedicated to developing short- and long-term sustainable solutions to address human resource issues.

The CHRI's activities address workforce challenges collaboratively - engaging stakeholders with the goal of creating a vibrant and sustainable nonprofit sector capable of attracting and retaining a qualified workforce today and in the future. The CHRI acts as a connecting point of discussion, a catalyst for initiating actions, and a central point for information on workforce issues.

Some of the core activities or partnerships that the Calgary HR Initiative has undertaken are:

  • Reach Hire - A cost-effective connecting point for employers to attract candidates looking for work in the nonprofit sector.
  • Researching and developing resources pertaining to workforce issues in the nonprofit sector. The CHRI keeps abreast of and informs organizations about the workforce issues and trends affecting our sector. We are the recognized leading experts on workforce issues affecting Calgary's nonprofit sector.
  • Practice Makes Perfect, HR Communities of Practice Series - A popular, ongoing series of peer-learning workshops for agencies to share information on workforce issues affecting Calgary's nonprofit sector.
  • Harvard ManageMentor Program - Flexible, affordable, world-class management training at your fingertips. See web page for details.
  • The HR Exchange Group - A peer-learning and networking group for professional HR Managers in the nonprofit sector who are interested in a higher level of HR specific discussion than our open Practice Makes Perfect series.
  • Haskayne School of Business MBA Program Partnership - MBA students work with nonprofit organizations to address structural issues that affect their human resource management abilities.
  • WorkforceConnect - Initiated by the Alberta Nonprofit Workforce Council, this collaborative platform addresses nonprofit sector workforce issues by engaging a broad range of stakeholders.
  • CCVO Nonprofit Diversity Strategy - The intention of this project is to increase participation of the immigrant and disabled workforce in the nonprofit sector.
  • HR PLUS Edge - Helps organizations customize their own HR solutions and learn through needs-based consulting, online education and HR tools.