Calgary and Area Nonprofit Flood Impact Survey

On June 26th CCVO and Propellus (formerly Volunteer Calgary) initiated an online survey of Calgary and area nonprofit organizations designed to get an initial sense of how the local nonprofit sector has been affected by the recent flood disaster.

We have now released the report based on this survey. While this is not based on a representative sample of Calgary and area nonprofits, it begins to paint a picture of the needs and experiences of local organizations.

As the immediacy of the urgent needs recede, the much more difficult task of restoration begins. For nonprofits to return to full capacity will require a more structured and coordinated approach than what occurs in an initial response stage. It is clear that the needs are substantial and that there will be a number of approaches and initiatives required.

While no one group has the mandate or capacity to return the sector to a healthy state, collectively we have abundant resources and strengths within the community that will serve us well in this time of crisis. To maximize our impacts, there will be a need for unprecedented levels of communication and coordination between governments, capacity builders and funding organizations.

Moving forward, CCVO is working with other stakeholders to help expedite recovery efforts utilizing our networks, systems and expertise to develop a full understanding of the needs and capacities of the sector and to act as connector of the various support initiatives.

CCVO will continue to monitor the impact of the flooding and we are available to assist other agencies by providing additional data, analysis, connections and consultation as we work together to respond to this situation.

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For further information, please contact:

Mike Grogan, Vice President, Programs & Operations
403-261-6655 ext 227

Geoff Braun, Director, Policy & Research
403-261-6655 ext 222