Changes to the Community Grants Program mean clarity for the nonprofit sector

Calgary Chamber of Voluntary Organizations commends the Government of Alberta for its recent announcement of additional funding and changes to the Community Grants Program. The changes are of interest to the nonprofit sector in Alberta and the members of CCVO, and will support their work across the province. These adjustments will provide clarity and additional financial resources in the areas of capacity building and capital investment.

Over the past number of years, CCVO has made clear to the Government of Alberta the need to invest in the nonprofit sector, and reduce the administrative burden encountered by organizations. CCVO is pleased to see the increased funding and updates to one of the key programs on which our members rely.

The changes are part of a larger story for the nonprofit sector in Alberta. Changes to program structure and streams may appear negligible, but help build a reality where organizations can focus on their work, and feel less of an administrative burden as they apply for grants. CCVO hopes to see further changes that streamline processes in the interest of nonprofit organizations, and our members.

Yesterday’s announcement reflects a greater commitment to capacity building across the sector, and the need to support core operations of nonprofits. The changes also signal a recognition of the infrastructure deficit in the nonprofit sector.  All grants to support capital investments will now be found in the Community Facility Enhancement Program (CFEP).

Although yesterday’s announcement was a step in the right direction, there is still more to be done. CCVO looks forward to the additional funding being put in place to support our members and the nonprofit sector as a whole.

The changes will come into effect in the coming months.

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