HR in a Box 2017-18 Workshops

CCVO, in partnership with the Talent Pool and CPHR Alberta, is please to present the 2017-18 series of HR in a Box. This year’s workshops are hands on, with an emphasis on group discussion and case studies.

In The Mix

Alberta’s nonprofit workforce is comprised of individuals with diverse backgrounds, skills and abilities. This mix of talents, perspectives and experiences helps the sector to be effective and dynamic. Aboriginal peoples, mature workers, immigrants, and people with disabilities all experience rewarding careers in our sector but they are often in the minority among our employees.

A Promising Example of Successful Government & Sector Dialogue: The Workforce Alliance Experience

For many years nonprofit sector leaders have maintained that more meaningful and timely consultation between the government and the sector would improve public policy and help identify potential unforeseen consequences of policy or budget decisions before they have an effect on the sector and the clients they serve. It has generally been a hard sell to get governments to put this into practice, but the experience of Alberta’s Human Services Workforce Alliance may signal a change in attitude.

HR Resources

Investing in the development of staff and volunteers is critical to the success of any organization. Below you will find programs and resources to increase the capacity of your staff and volunteers.

Calgary HR Initiative

The Calgary HR Initiative (CHRI) develops strategies, programs and collaborations that support effective human resource management practices in order to build capacity within the Calgary nonprofit human services sector. The CHRI is a collective undertaking of local nonprofit organizations, funders, human services networks and governments dedicated to developing short- and long-term sustainable solutions to address human resource issues.

Loud & Clear: Survey Sheds Light on Alberta’s Nonprofit Employees

Without doubt, the passion, skill and talents of our workforce are the heart and soul of the nonprofit sector. The commitment and dedication of our employees and volunteers provide the foundation that helps our sector, and our communities thrive. But as labour markets once again begin to tighten, our focus needs to return to developing the resources and systems to effectively attract, develop and retain staff in the nonprofit sector.

Calgary HR Initiative Workforce Needs Survey Report

Workforce issues have changed substantially over the past year for the nonprofit sector in Calgary. The economic downturn has affected all aspects of organizational life including funding, service delivery and workforce. In order to understand the changes the sector’s workforce is undergoing, in summer 2009 CCVO launched the Calgary HR Initiative Workforce Needs Survey.

Human Resources Issues for Alberta’s Nonprofits: Highlights of Human Resources Research in Community-Based Nonprofits

This January 2007 report is the first stage of a multi-year HR initiative, and it serves as a starting point for discussion about the future of Alberta’s voluntary sector workforce. It provides background information for considering the implications of a general shortage of skilled labour and the increasingly competitive market conditions in Calgary and across the province.

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