Turning Point

Across the province, labour market pressures and an aging workforce have created an environment where nonprofit organizations must prepare themselves for transitions in executive leadership in order to continue their vital role. Turning Point: Creating sustainable nonprofit leadership  is the result of a multi-stage research project including a literature review and surveys of hundreds of existing and emerging leaders in Alberta’s nonprofit sector. The report summarizes the most critical steps that must be taken to address leadership in order to ensure effectiveness, resiliency and sustainability-creating quality service for all Albertans. As a sector, we are at a decision point: do we continue to address this serious predicament in an uncoordinated fashion, or decide to develop a systematic solution? The turning point is now. >>Read/Download the short summary of key findings with an emphasis on proposed solutions to address the executive leadership challenge in the sector. >>Read/Download the full report, including detailed analysis of information gleaned from emerging and existing leaders. Share   Thank you to the Government of Alberta and Alberta Real Estate Foundation for their support of this project....

2013 Annual Nonprofit Survey

CCVO’s 2013 Alberta Nonprofit Survey report is out! We now have five years’ worth of data in areas that speak to the health and experience of Alberta’s nonprofits – areas such as revenues, operating costs, demand for programs and services, and future expectations.

This year’s survey explores a handful of additional topics, including operating reserves and capital campaigns, advocacy, Alberta’s Social Policy Framework, and the elimination of two provincial programs.

Calgary and Area Nonprofit Flood Impact Survey

On June 26th CCVO and Propellus (formerly Volunteer Calgary) initiated an online survey of Calgary and area nonprofit organizations designed to get an initial sense of how the local nonprofit sector has been affected by the recent flood disaster.

We have now released the report based on this survey. While this is not based on a representative sample of Calgary and area nonprofits, it begins to paint a picture of the needs and experiences of local organizations.

2012 Alberta Nonprofit Survey

The CCVO Alberta Nonprofit Survey takes an annual snapshot of the health and experience of Alberta’s nonprofits and charities. Originally titled the Economic Climate Survey of Alberta’s Nonprofits and Charities, these surveys were initiated in 2009 to gauge the impact of the global recession on Alberta’s nonprofit sector. The survey captures information on the financial health, demand for services, staffing and future economic outlook of organizations.

Points of Light: The State of the Alberta Nonprofit Sector Report

The nonprofit sector, for all its immense contributions to our communities, is a difficult sector to fully understand. With thousands organizations providing services to virtually every Albertan, billions of dollars in revenues, 2.5 million volunteers and more than 100,000 employees, the nonprofit sector is a foundational component of the province’s social and economic infrastructure.

Magnets and Glue

CCVO’s first position paper that identifies connections between social and economic development, and the value of partnerships between public, private and voluntary sectors to maintain a high quality of life. Published September 2005.

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