CCVO’s PIPA Review Submission to the Province

CCVO recommends that PIPA be amended to apply fully to all nonprofit and charitable organizations and activities, subject to an 18-month transition period that includes training and education opportunities.

CCVO’s Federal Pre-Budget Submission

CCVO recommends that the 2016-17 budget be used to restore and enhance the information available about Canada’s nonprofit-charitable sector and its workforce.

Human Services Procurement Q & A

Over the past few months we have encountered some perceptions, and concerns, from service providers around procurement initiatives underway and planned in Human Services. These concerns have arisen for a variety of reasons, and are also linked to the very natural uncertainly that comes from working with a new government. In an effort to ensure people’s concerns are based on facts, rather than misunderstanding or speculation, CCVO reached out to the Ministry of Human Services with some direct questions around the goals, impetus and process of the procurement initiative.

2015 Fall Economic Climate Survey Results

Alberta’s economy continues to feel the effects of low oil prices more than one year after prices began to fall. As some of those early impacts were captured in the spring 2015 Alberta Nonprofit Survey, we wanted to hear from charities and nonprofits again to gauge how the sector is faring in what economists predict will be a recession for 2015.

2015-16 Provincial Budget Analysis

The provincial budget released on October 27 is not transformational; rather, it is transitional. It maintains service levels in a lagging economy, and includes a number of targeted investments and initiatives that are consistent with campaign promises. It signals shifting priorities and suggests a larger transformation may be reflected in the spring budget.

Provincial Budget: Stability For the Nonprofit Sector In a Time of Uncertainty

Today’s provincial budget reflects priorities outlined in the NDP election platform and demonstrates the government’s commitment to preserving public programs and services. Calgary Chamber of Voluntary Organizations (CCVO) President and CEO Katherine van Kooy notes that “the priorities laid out in this budget reflect an understanding of the importance of maintaining community services during times of economic hardship and strengthening programs for Alberta’s most vulnerable.”

Call for Participants: Managing Change

CCVO has developed a opportunity for nonprofit organizations to participate in a management consulting project through a partnership with the MBA program of the Haskayne School of Business at the University of Calgary. This project will allow organizations to draw upon the expertise of an advanced class of MBA students who wish to gain knowledge and experience in consulting and change management. DEADLINE: August 31, 2015

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