Lobbyists Act – Call to Action

In December 2016, the Office of the Ethics Commissioner, who oversees the Lobbyists Registry, recommended significant changes to the Lobbyists Act. The recommendations call for removal of the exemption for public-benefit nonprofits. The removal of the current exemption would layer an additional administrative burden on Alberta’s public benefit nonprofits, including charities.

CRA Political Activities Submission

CCVO has provided its feedback on the CRA consultation on charities’ political activities. In it, we support the recommendations made by Imagine Canada as they relate to the Income Tax Act.

Carbon Levy Update

Alberta’s new Climate Leadership Implementation Act passes into law measures that were announced through the 2016-17 provincial budget, including Alberta’s new carbon levy. As it is presently structured, the Carbon Levy program places a disproportionate burden on Alberta’s nonprofits and charities that have little means at their disposal to recoup these costs. Read more about what CCVO, and our colleague organizations, are doing on this issue.

2016 Provincial Budget Analysis

Overall, this budget has a stabilizing effect on Alberta’s nonprofit sector, as other sources of revenue are in decline. Most new spending is tied directly to capital investment or election promises, such as those pertaining to climate change and income inequality.

Executive Directions Finds A New Home At CCVO

For over a decade the Executive Directions program has been recognized as an important source of leadership development within Calgary’s nonprofit sector. More than one hundred graduates are improving our community in meaningful ways as they apply their leadership skills in organizations across the sector.

CCVO’s PIPA Review Submission to the Province

CCVO recommends that PIPA be amended to apply fully to all nonprofit and charitable organizations and activities, subject to an 18-month transition period that includes training and education opportunities.

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