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The nonprofit sector is diverse, both in terms of the size of organizations, and their areas of work. However, whether organizations are 100% volunteer-driven or have hundreds of staff, work on environmental issues or international development, they are all affected by common issues.

The publications below help identify, track and map these cross-cutting issues that affect nonprofits and charities.

You can also read all of our annual reports here.


2015 Alberta Nonprofit Survey
Published June, 2015

Further Magazine
Published March, 2015

In Brief: PIC Changes
Revised November, 2014

Alberta Nonprofit Fact Sheet
Published July, 2014

Rising Above
Published July, 2014

Situation Critical
Published June, 2014

Flood Survey #5
Published May, 2014

2014 AB Nonprofit Survey
Published May, 2014

Flood Survey #4
Published March, 2014

Alberta Budget Analysis
Published March, 2014

In The Mix
Published March, 2014

Nonprofit Innovation Awards
Published February, 2014

Flood Survey #3
Published October, 2013

AB Nonprofit Survey
Published October, 2013

AB Nonprofit Survey
Published September, 2013

Turning Point
Published September, 2013

Flood Survey #2
Published September, 2013

Flood Survey #1
Published July, 2013.

Influencing Public Policy
Published April, 2013.

2013 Alberta Budget Analysis
Published March, 2013.

Bill C-458 In Brief
Published December, 20112.

2012 AB Nonprofit Survey
Published June, 2012.

Loud & Clear
Published January, 2012.

Workforce Inclusion Plan
Published June, 2011

Points of Light
Published May, 2011

Economic Climate Survey
Published April, 2011

A Different Voice
Published January, 2011

Challenging Perceptions
Published June, 2010

Weathering the Storm
Published May, 2010

Sharing Services
Published March, 2010

Workforce Needs Report
Published June, 2009

No Small Thing
Published January, 2009

Reaching the Limit
Published June, 2008

Sector Snapshot
Published January, 2008

The Lobbyist Act
Published August, 2007

Human Resources Issues
Published January, 2007

The Voluntary Sector
Published September, 2006

Insurance Tool Kit
Published May, 2006

Taking Stock
Published May, 2006

Financing Nonprofits in Alberta
Published November, 2005

Magnets and Glue
Published September, 2005

Strength Under Stress
Published September, 2005

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