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On June 26th CCVO initiated an online survey of Calgary and area nonprofit organizations designed to understand how the local nonprofit sector had been affected by the recent flood disaster.

CCVO has now published six reports and an infographic outlining the immediate, mid-range and long-term impact of the flood on the sector and the response to the flood by funders and donors. Our most recent reports have taken a broader view by providing case studies, learnings and key recommendations to consider when developing emergency preparedness plans.


Rising Above: Key learnings, insights and recommendations to improve the response of Alberta’s nonprofits in the event of (another) disaster or crisis

Our most recent report, Rising Above, serves as a resource for recovery for nonprofits, funders and fundraisers. With a scoping review of best and promising practices from around the world (including studies of 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina), as well as insights from focus groups and one on one interviews,  Rising Above provides a comprehensive framework for emergency preparedness, response and recovery. The report provides key recommendations to nonprofits and funders including the need for strong communications and continuity of operations plans, well-developed municipal and regional networks, sufficient financial reserves, and the leverage of expertise in other sectors.


Prepare for the Future, Learn from the Past
When disaster strikes: case studies from Calgary’s 2013 flood

Prepare for the Future, Learn from the Past is a series of case studies from four flood-affected Calgary nonprofit groups.

These stories highlight learnings from four organizations with very distinct experiences, each with unique challenges, observations and outcomes.

The report synthesizes insights and key recommendations to help nonprofit organizations prepare for future emergencies or disasters. The key learnings from these case studies include, among others, the need for an up-to-date emergency plan, the importance of informing and empowering staff, and the benefits of building financial resiliency.

Situation Critical: Nonprofit Emergency Preparedness

As we approach the anniversary of last year’s historic flooding in Southern Alberta, it is an opportune time to both look back at how far we have come over the past months and to also be mindful of the work that lies before us. Nonprofits provided an array of critical services throughout the floods and the lengthy recovery period that followed. While life has returned to normal for many, for others the impact of service demands and restorations continue to be felt.

Read the report online | Download the document

Additional CCVO Flood Resources

Alberta Flood Relief Resources List

Nonprofit Sector Working Together for Flood Relief
by Katherine van Kooy, President and CEO, July 30, 2013.

The Disaster will be Tweeted: The Growing Role of Social Media in Emergency Response
by Johanna Schwartz, Communications Coordinator, July 3, 2013.

After the Flood: Moving Forward with Calgary’s Nonprofit Sector
by Katherine van Kooy, CEO, June 26, 2013.

CCVO wishes to thank the Alexander Rothney (Sandy) Cross Estate Fund at The Calgary Foundation for their generous support for our flood recovery work.

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