2016 Alberta Nonprofit Survey

Explore the survey results in three ways:

2016 Alberta Nonprofit Survey Report

Many Stories Are Unfolding

A Mixed Financial Picture

Alberta’s nonprofit sector is broad and diverse. It follows that the effects of the economic downturn are felt differently from one organization to the next and across regions and subsectors. Corporate funding has dropped off precipitously, whereas government funding has had a stabilizing effect on the sector.

  • organizations that reported government funding increased or stayed the same. 83%
  • organizations that reported decreased corporate funding. 43%

Adaptation Strategies

The most common steps taken by organizations in response to the downturn have been to increase fundraising efforts, reduce discretionary spending, and increase staff workloads.


have taken steps in response to the downturn


have reduced staff


have cut programs

Beliefs About The Downturn


We have been through this before and things will improve


We need to adapt to a new economic reality


We simply don't know what to expect

Some Silver Linings

It’s not all doom and gloom, as organizations are finding opportunity amidst adversity.

“Reduced construction costs for capital projects”

“Increased organizational profile”

“Volunteer numbers have increased!”

“Opportunities for a … diverse workforce…”

Better Prepared For Emergency

The sector continues to make progress in its emergency preparedness. More organizations reported they have emergency and reoccupation plans this year. While fewer organizations reported they faced limitations this year, a lack of time, funding, and expertise continue to be the most common barriers to emergency planning.

Minimum Wage Increases

The social services subsector had the largest percentage of organizations that reported employing staff at wages less than $15/hr; something funders must take into account as the province increases minimum wage.

About The Survey

The Alberta Nonprofit Survey takes an annual snapshot of the health and experience of Alberta’s nonprofits and charities to capture information on finances, demand for services, staffing, and the future economic outlook of organizations. It is the only source of Alberta-specific research that documents long-term trends across Alberta’s nonprofit sector.

The report is based on the analysis of 460 responses collected from nonprofit organizations across Alberta between February 2nd and 26th, 2016. As the sample of this survey is not representative, please keep in mind that the percentage values represent the percentage of respondents, not the percentage of organizations across Alberta. For questions or requests for assistance to interpret or make statements based on the survey data, please contact the Calgary Chamber of Voluntary Organizations at policy@calgarycvo.org.

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